My first name (almost)

rhymes with llama.

During summer 2019, I could be found in Edinburgh, Scotland assisting the play Four Woke Baes. Now I can be found in NYC/NJ assisting Sky Blue FC with videography related things.


I'm from Marin County, California and before the while NYU film school came and went, I used to competitively snowboard.

5 Fun Facts


  • My favorite photographer is Sally Mann.

  • I LOVE crime procedurals (shoutout to Bones).

  • I am a die-hard Serena Williams fan. Seriously, I could talk for hours about why I'm  thankful to be alive in her era of tennis.

  • My all time favorite movie is Cars. (2006)

  • Avril Lavigne is my favorite singer, and she has been my only favorite singer all my life.